AES Academy

This Short course is designed to develop basic theoretical and practical understanding of the fundamentals of audio application in Houses of Worship.

This will be shared by theoretical and practical exploration in basic audio engineering and operations through lectures and workshop. In particular, students will actively engage with learning, developing and analyzing the technical aspects of audio through topics such as: psycho-acoustics, decibels, signal flow, gain structure, microphones, crossovers, loudspeakers, amplifiers and digital audio, system design and engineering; provide new insights and techniques; and perform practical exercises that promote pro-active learning, understanding and research.

Course objective includes:

  • Enhance technical outcomes in the audio production, including basic system understanding, operations and engineering
  • Basic understanding of engineering theory and its practice.
  • Enhance technical troubleshooting and problem solving skills
  • Provide a pro-active skill set that can adapt to the fast changing requirement and needs of audio system setups