AES Academy

Our Program

Learn the key skills of Audio Engineering hands-on with our Industry Professional Trainers. Our Multi- certification program is designed to develop basic theoretical and practical understanding of the fundamentals of audio engineering. In particular, students will actively engage with learning, developing, and analyzing the practice of audio engineering through topics such as: psycho-acoustics;decibels;signal flow; gain structure;microphones;crossovers;loudspeakers;amplifiers and digital audio; and system design and engineering. Students are encouraged to provide new insights and techniques alongside performing practical exercises that promote pro-active learning, understanding, and research.

Future Job Placement

Job placement within the local industry. We’ll help you find jobs in the industry once you’ve completed our course. Our aim is to build a standard in a structured and sustainable manner that ensures the greatest possible impact on our audio industries.

Doing a placement as part of your course gives you the double whammy of work experience and education. Placements can increase your employability and help you when you’re entering the graduate job market.

Real Time Field Training

The purpose of the Field Training and Evaluation Program is to train students so that each is prepared to function as an audio engineer at the conclusion of their training cycle. At AES Academy Malaysia, students are given the chance to develop knowledge and skills by being in a job without ever leaving school. The Real-Time-Field training is customized in a way that students receive to workplace needs, norms, and culture.

Whether structured, with written processes and procedures, or informal, the power of Real-Time-Field training for student development cannot be overemphasized. Early and timely field training ensures that the student will perform his or her job effectively.

International Exposure

Give yourself t he best chance at being behind the scenes of live happening concerts and land the job offer of your dreams after SPM. Complete an internship abroad and you will leave the competition far behind you. AES Academy Malaysia makes it easy to find the perfect position in Germany, China and South East Asia Internship locations.

Students will gain opportunities to work with sound equipment and understand the global techniques of music production and equip themselves with the traits required for working in global environment. With the given International exposure, students have better chances to learn and grow in the global arena. When students learn from a multinational scene, they are provided a holistic view of the audio industry practices across various cultures and territories. This helps student ex-cogitate various techniques and strategies happening in outlandish markets and learn to apply the same in their gig. Apart from enhancing the business aspects, international exposure also broadens the student’s prospects for their futuristic plans.