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This course is designed to facilitate audio system engineers with the understanding of how sound systems are designed, verified, analyzed and optimized for the intended application in a venue. There will be a great deal of theory towards designing sound systems with the main objective of providing a uniform response over the audience area.

There will be hands-on applications and attention will be place on the causes of the regular issues encountered and the possible solutions.

This is strictly a technical course over five days of intensive focus on how to get the most practical benefit from these tools.

Course objectives:

  1. Learn to understand and comprehend the various impulse, frequency response, phase and magnitude traces, what can we do about it and how to do it.
  2. How to design and optimize sound systems.
  3. Settings for delay, levels, equalization, speaker positioning including techniques for acoustical treatment, alignment of cross overs and loudspeakers
  4. Verification, troubleshooting and testing practices for electronics and loudspeakers for distortion, polarity, dynamic range and more

Minimum requirements (1 and 2 is a must):

  1. A firm understanding of the fundamentals (phase, time, frequency, decibels, etc) of audio engineering or any other audio related technical training, courses or seminars will also be beneficial

  2. A minimum professional working experience of 3-5 years as a system technician or engineer, with references in sound system design and installation/set-ups in a variety of venues.

  3. Certificate/Diploma/Degree in electrical, electronics, acoustic, physics, broadcast, media technology, audio production or any combination thereof, will be an added advantage.

Course duration: 6 days

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