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AES Academy has dedicated itself to the development of a solid understanding of sound system knowledge in the Malaysian audio industry.

The evolution of technology has brought a change to the industry, introducing a variety of options in the audio world. This rise in technology has blurred the lines of audio engineering with many courses focusing largely on the software available today.

We aim to go back to the core of audio engineering – the design and optimization of a sound system – as we believe that theory is fundamental in building a solid foundation. In addition to that, we provide students access to current high-end equipment and exposure to live shows and events to test and experience the theories learned.

Vision & Mission

To be known as an audio knowledge hub that produces quality audio engineers.

To develop and construct a solid understanding of sound system knowledge in the Malaysian audio industry. We do this by enabling and equipping our students with the principles and skills of experienced and professional audio engineers and by integrating the student within the professional environment where these principles and skills can be implemented.

Our Expertise






Meet Our Faculty

Augustine Edward
Augustine EdwardMaster Trainer
Getting an early start in the industry, Augustine has 11 years of audio engineering experience to-date on the local and international scenes. He has mixed for a variety of international and local artists while engineering and designing systems for shows with a capacity of up to 50, 000 people.

His audio experience has earned him a place in the industry internationally and is widely recognised for his technical expertise. Augustine now heads the Asian region technical support team for a German Pro Audio loudspeaker manufacturer.

Eddie Tan
Eddie TanMaster Trainer
Eddie started working in audio in 1987, while he was still in high school, for a local sound rental company, engineering for local corporate events and bands.

He graduated with a Diploma of Electrical/Electronic from TAFE College in 1991 and a Diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute in 1992.

Over the years, he continued his audio education and received multiple technical expertise certifications from Meyer Sound and EAW.
Eddie specializes in topics such as audio basics, signal flow, microphone techniques, gain staging, system design, system tuning & alignment and live mixing & recording.